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Since its introduction, our Radical View map has been shared, tweeted, mentioned, liked, and pinned across the globe. We’ve heard from many Mandarin enthusiasts offering their appreciation, accolades, and encouragement. The response has been beyond our expectations.

We’re grateful and we’re inspired. Grateful for all the nice things you’ve said and inspired because we know you’re hungry for creative and innovative ways to learn Chinese characters.

Welcome to gotCharacters 2.0! Here you’ll find animated characters, stories, games, lessons, topic maps, and more, with new content added regularly. The story “Character Counts”—one of our favorites—is showcased below.

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Character Counts!

A new twist on an old Chinese classic, this is the animated story of Zhang Wen, a concerned dad who hires a tutor to help his teenage son learn characters.

Read along (and read aloud) with the narrator to improve your reading and pronunciation skills. Pinyin and English translations help your reading comprehension. There’s a comic strip version of the story, which is also available as a poster.

Click Start below to see an excerpt!


  1. Jay Reimer

    I love this site! I have no academic or professional purpose to learning Chinese; it is just a challenge I always wanted to undertake and i LOVE the variety of great resources here. For such an awesome price I HAD to subscribe and find myself popping over to to look at radicals rather than browsing FB.

    Can i get the “mind mapped” characters as posters or flashcards?

    1. kathleen

      Thanks, Jay! We appreciate your kind words! We’re in the process of adding the capability to order posters for “The Radical View,” the “HSK Level 1 Vocabulary” map, and the comic “Character Counts.” I’ll send you a note as soon as it’s available.

      5/10/2016: Jay, you can now get our posters here!

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