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Animated Characters

Chinese characters come to life in these animated shorts. Over one hundred videos, each one made to stick. (See screenshots)

  • Over 100 videos available.
  • Characters come to life, making them easier to learn, easier to remember.
  • Videos are short (averaging about 20 seconds) so you’ll never be bored.


Start Here

This app is for those who’ve asked the question “Where do I begin?” The answer: Start Here! (See screenshots)

  • Watch short videos to learn 40 popular radicals and how to write them.
  • Then build 26 new characters and words so you can say hello and goodbye, tell time, and more.
  • Test your knowledge with 7 matching games and 40 flash cards.

Topic Maps

A Radical View

Part social network, part history lesson, A Radical View has been viewed, shared, tweeted, liked, and pinned more than 250,000 times. (See screenshots)

  • A colorful map of 194 radicals, grouped into themes to show connections you wouldn’t otherwise see.
  • Full interactivity to view images, descriptions, and pronunciation for 88 radicals.
  • Plus 14 stories that connect radicals and reveal life in Ancient China.
  • Available in poster, too!

A Visual HSK Level 1

A visual presentation of the HSK Level 1 word list for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Chinese language proficiency test. (See screenshots)

  • A colorful map of 178 Chinese characters in the HSK1 vocabulary list.
  • Organized by theme (e.g., People, Pronouns, Numbers) to help you understand and remember.
  • Available in poster, too!


Play Radical Jeopardy!

Radical Jeopardy is a fun, interactive game that tests (and scores) your knowledge of radicals. (See screenshots)

  • This popular game features 54 radicals.
  • Clues are presented as answers—you have to provide the questions.
  • Try for the highest possible score!

Play “Who Am I?” with the Brady Bunch

“Here’s the story of a lovely lady…” Get to know the Bradys, that ’70s TV family of awkward teenagers, by playing “Who Am I?” (See screenshots)

  • Read (and listen to) the clues in Chinese and guess which Brady it is.
  • Learn and practice numbers, measure words, and family members in Chinese.
  • Pinyin and English translations help your reading comprehension.


Character Counts

A new twist on an old Chinese classic, this is the animated story of Zhang Wen, a concerned dad who hires a tutor to help his teenage son learn characters. Read along (and read aloud) with the narrator to see the real lesson learned. (See screenshots)

  • A narrated story to help you improve your reading and pronunciation skills.
  • Pinyin and English translations help your reading comprehension.
  • The eReader is animated, bringing Zhang Wen and his son to life.
  • There’s also a comic strip version of the story, which is available as a poster, too! (See screenshots)

Radical Stories

A collection of stories that are embedded in the “Radical View” topic map. (See screenshots)

  • Stories are based on themes introduced in the topic map “A Radical View.”
  • Fourteen stories connect radicals and reveal life in ancient China.
  • Available as a poster too!

Flash Cards

Radical Flash Cards

Learn all 200+ radicals with these fun, interactive flash cards. (See screenshots)

  • 200 flash cards, one for each radical, grouped into 21 decks using the themes introduced in the topic map “A Radical View.
  • Cards are arranged so you learn simpler radicals before more complicated ones.
  • Each card features a picture, pinyin, and English on one side, and a description on the other.
  • Listen to each radical’s pronunciation, too.